Jayson Wright

With nearly 30 years of professional experience Jayson Wright is one of the most influential choreographer/teachers in urban dance today. Training and working with dance legends Swoop, Electric Boogaloos, Talauega Brothers, Groovaloos, Barry Lather, Brian Green, ShoTyme, Hi-Hat, Tina Landon, Terry Bixler, and Anthony Thomas, have been important in shaping him as working with Elton John, Justin Timberlake, Pink, Tweet, Selena, Donnell Jones, Marques Houston and numerous industry entertainers. The same can be said about his appearances on The MTV VMA’s, The Tonight Show, Nickelodeon’s Teen Choice Awards, commercials for Sprite, Sony, Bacardi, Coors Light, as well as motion capture for the video game, “Michael Jackson: The Experience”.

As teacher and mentor Jayson has mastered his craft into worldwide recognition. A mixed bag of creative styling, he blends soulful grooves with crispy footwork and dime stop precision that embodies the definition of smooth. He is notorious for his attention to detail and purpose of movement with a heavy emphasis on musicality. Jayson has choreographed, taught, and judged for leading names in competitive dance like Monsters of Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop International, L.A. Dance Force, Tremaine, World of Dance, Body Rock, Triple Threat Dance, Culture Shock, Raise The Bar, and Urban Dance Camp. He is a frequent guest teacher at New York City's Broadway Dance Center while at home in Los Angeles, Debbie Reynolds Studio, EDGE PAC, Millennium Dance Complex, and Movement Lifestyle, have all had the pleasure of hosting Jayson Wright’s classes.
With a wealth of knowledge and industry insight, Jayson’s influence continues to inspire all generations of dancers. He constantly pushes himself and his students beyond the status quo while emphasizing the importance of roots and culture, and is a vital source of information for any dancer aspiring and professional.