Erin Marino

Erin Marino found her love for dance at the early age of three. She had extensive ballet and jazz training throughout her younger years while residing in Ohio, and moved to the west coast in the summer of 2005 to continue her dance education. For her first two years in Los Angeles, Erin trained under an apprenticeship with some of the greatest minds in the industry. Since then, she has been the assistant to Emmy-Award winning choreographer, Chucky Klapow. Some of Erin’s credits include SYTYCD, Glee, Paula Abdul, The Michael Jackson Experience, Target, KMart, and DisneyWorld.

Erin’s true passion lies in teaching and giving back to the community- to inspire others, and in return, be inspired. Her focus as an educator is to provide a platform for her students to build a solid foundation by enhancing their attention to musicality, developing a keen eye for the detail and energy of steps, and encouraging the storyteller from within to shine through their movement. She is the Director of the Debbie Reynolds Scholarship Program and the founder of LA Establishment, an LA-based company providing intensives and workshops for studios across the United States.