Anthony Thomas

There are only a handful of people in the world that have the true honor of being called living legends. Anthony Thomas is one of these persons. Likened by many to Alvin Ailey and Bob Fosse, Thomas’ ever present sincerity and humility don’t fully allow him to embrace these comparisons. A dance pioneer, visionary and international master teacher, its evident that Thomas is much more comfortable in the role of dream maker than being known as “The man that changed the face of hip hop.” Discovered by Janet Jackson in his early 20's, he was catapulted to worldwide fame for his groundbreaking choreography on Jacksons, Rhythm Nation 1814 album. An overnight sensation, Thomas' Rhythm Nation 1814 tele-musical won a Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video, MTV's Music Award for Best Choreography and the MTV Vanguard Award. The video is ranked on MTV and VH1’s lists of Greatest 100 Videos of all time. His innovative gift of versatility and physical rhythm, earned him an honored place in music history when he combined popping and locking for the first time. The marriage of these two forms of street dance changed the direction of hip hop and created a standard of excellence in the world that has yet to be matched since Rhythm Nation. Inspired one afternoon as an 8 year old boy watching the now legendary dance group The Lockers on Soul Train, Anthony's dream, to touch the lives of people around the world through dance, was born and thrives in today's entertainment industry. With a signature style yet to be matched, his choreography is alive and can be seen in Disney's A Goofy Movie, Robin Williams Toys, Luther Vandross' Never Let Me Go World Tour, and Wynonna Judd and the Judd's Power to Change Tour, to name a few. Anthony Thomas' long list of achievements is reflective of how he has played a pivotal role in paving the way for today's top contemporary dance artists and choreographers. 20 years after Rhythm Nation, Anthony Thomas remains at the top of his game teaching popping and locking at premiere dance studios in LA and abroad to some of the best dancers in the world. Each year, hundreds of students flock to his classes in hopes of gaining a piece of hip hop history and to study under the living legend himself. He continues to work as a choreographer with artists here in the US and internationally. A creative force in the dance world, Thomas is as passionate as ever about his gift and determined to continue to be an inspiration to the world. For more information about Anthony Thomas check out his official website soon to come at or visit him at