Amanda Grind

Amanda Grind is a Bay Area native who is now one of the most promising up-and-coming dancers. She moved to Sacramento where she began her dance training in high school with two dance crews known as Boogie Monstarz and Press P.L.A.Y. under the direction of Joe Larot(Jabbawockeez), Phil Tayag(Jabbawockeez) and Jason Magsuci(Jabbawockeez Vegas show cast).Although she loves hip-hop movement, she also has training in jazz and tap. 

Since moving to LA, Amanda has danced in various music videos and other projects such as “Get Low” by DJ Snake and “Cookieman” by Pharrell & Maxine Ashley. She also recently performed on Revolt LIVE, which is a channel owned by P.Diddy. Amanda also is the assistant to Lyle Beniga, who is one of the industry’s most sought after performers. When it comes to assisting, whether for a class or a job, Amanda can get it done.

Amanda is now developing her art in the form of teaching. She has taught in many places over the world such as Japan, Atlanta, London, Italy, and Sweden just to name a few. While still training and growing/working as a dancer, Amanda is consistently building her own movement for when it’s time to transition to becoming a choreographer. She still assists when asked to so she can develop the tools needed to become a choreographer as well as still being a dancer on these same projects. Amanda is forever a student of the art & is passionate about her growth in all areas.

Amanda loves to be able to balance being a dancer as well as teaching because the growth mentally and physically is never-ending! Her style is very soulful yet strong and is executed in a way that you feel everything being said in the song. She prides herself on connecting to the music & tries to give that feeling every time the choreographer asks for it. Not to mention she can give you the womanly vibe in some heels, tun turn around and get down with the fellas in some timbs! =) One thing that stuck with Amanda was when Shawnette Heard said “At some point is has to stop being about the steps and it has to be about who YOU are within the steps.” Amanda takes that quote into account every time she steps on the floor. “Identity is KEY, purpose is FOREVER so let’s walk in it and be who we’re called to be!” -Amanda Grind